februar 22, 2016

About us

The story behind Unibrains

Unibrains is a start-up company from the Danish Technical University (DTU). We are all rooted in the university system – hence the name Uni(varsity)-brains. At the same time, through our work we have a close contact with the Industry. In the past, we have been employed in various consulting industries and companies. With these backgrounds in both business, the consulting industry and the university world, it was obvious to make a combination of the three universes. In other words, solving tasks on time and with high quality – and at a price that matches the finances of companies. Through discussions with our first customers, we came up with a concept where we seek out the assignments from our company network and match the assignments with the academically relevant students. And thus Unibrains was created. And we are in full swing. Since the beginning, we have worked with several companies and solved tasks within life-science.


We solve problems within life-science and we work to achieve an intelligent solution to the specific task based on agreement and dialogue with the customer. Based on the dialogue, we describe the task in detail, so that the necessary skills for the development of the solution are included. During the task solving itself, Unibrains is in close contact with the customer.

The close cooperation and the exchange of competences in the team creates a heightened synergy on the basis of the combination of technical skills, which strengthens the finished solution for the customer.

We know that increased professional and personal development is created on the basis of practical experience and trust. We create this development by letting our consultants bear responsibility, thereby ensuring that they utilize their full potential. Therefore, all our consultants work in close collaboration with the project manager and the customer, to create the best result.

For the customer, it is all about tasks on time, to the highest quality and at a price that can be paid. At Unibrains, we have a clear position on this. We will constantly improve. Unibrains is a company that delivers intelligent solutions within life science and foreign companies.

We know the legislation and can help companies write the right documents for the authorities to ensure fast track to the market.

About us

Anders Permin

Anders has worked as a consultant for a number of Danish and foreign companies for more than 15 years and assisted them in getting their products on the market within life science (consumer products) and thus has a solid knowledge of processes and promises in the area. Has, among other things, worked for Chr. Hansen, Danisco (Dupont), Johnson and Johnson, Novo, Novozymes and others. The list also includes a number of small and medium-sized companies.

Anders is a trained veterinarian and specializes in veterinary microbiology (viruses, bacteria and parasites) and toxicology with regard to the development of medical, pharmaceutical and biotech products. An important element in the consulting world is assignments on time and high quality, which Anders prioritises.

Contact to Anders: aper@unibrains.dk or mobile +45-61611561

Jaap Boes

Jaap has worked as a consultant for primarily Danish companies within the life science area. His tasks have focused on safety and risk assessment, just as he has many years of experience with project management and innovation.

Jaap is an agronomist and, in addition to his specialization in veterinary parasitology, has also worked extensively with viruses and bacterial diseases in agriculture and food production.

Contact to Jaap: jbo@unibrains.dk or mobile +45-24631684

In addition to Anders and Jaap a number of highly skilled academics are connected to Unibrains. So when ever we have a new assignment we use our network to solve the tasks.