januar 2, 2017


Unibrains is involved in a number of innovation and development projects

  • Nyx-medico
  • Skal-op

Unibrains offers companies that want to develop their product portfolio, to organize  workshops, which focuses on identifying possible new products or services:

  • An innovation workshop where Unibrains helps you identify new product innovations, which you can include in your portfolio to your customers – and create new growth and profit
  • We will start with a ½-1 day workshop – preferably at your location. Management and development / innovation responsible persons should participate
  • Within a week after the workshop Unibrains will come back with a report that sums up the outcome of the workshop; identifying new opportunities and providing a roadmap for how and how quickly and with what resources this can be implemented.

Outcome: The idea of the workshop is to develop a realistic plan for how you quickly can identify new opportunities. Our experience shows that with a group of 25 people we can generate 5 viable ideas.