maj 3, 2016


Effective communication is an essential commodity in the digital age. Whether you are a business advertising and selling products, or a service-based organisation trying to provide important information, a great website is fundamental to success. However, websites are not limited to a single country but are a globally available medium that knows no boundaries. Thus, the information provided by a website also needs to have an international appeal. It is thus somewhat surprising to find that many websites in Denmark are purely in Danish with little or no English-language provision provided – or if there is any it does not provide all the information and services that the website is offering. Given that English is by pure weight of numbers the prima facie language of choice across the globe, then it would seem important that, if a Danish website needs to reach out to an international audience, then they need to have a thorough English language translation. It is with this in mind that we are approaching your company/organisation to offer our services.

We, at Unibrains, are willing to find a student who will translate your website into English, verbatim from the Danish, and thus provide your customers and users with the international appeal that you need. Unibrains will oversee the whole process and provide the quality assurance guarantee that the work will be of the highest standard.

About Unibrains:

Unibrains is a Danish Start-up Company from the Danish Technical University. We solve assignments for companies related to IT-solutions or life-science documentation using students from the Danish Universities. All projects are quality assured by the core team of Unibrains.

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